Posts in 2021

  • Effective Digital Working

    2021-02-20 in 2021

    Effective Working in Digital Age? Home office is the new way of working. A lot of friends and business partners are working from home. Our meetings are mostly online. We share documents and results through digital platforms. I truly hope we continue …

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  • Why Java Path?

    2021-02-10 in 2021

    Why Is Java Path API Class Better? File System NIOJava NIO New Input Output is an alternative IO API for Java, meaning alternative to the standard Java IO and Java Networking API’s. Java NIO offers a different IO programming model than the …

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  • LeSS Lessons

    2021-02-01 in 2021

    LeSS Lessons Learnt Scaling Agile, Lean and Scrum to the whole product development department is hard work. You start a change journey in murky waters. Best to communicate a lot, strengthen your teams and have total support of upper management. …

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  • Software Development for Students

    2021-01-25 in 2021

    Software Development for Students Computer science students shall achieve technical excellence when reaching bachelor level. They should be proficient with industry good practices. Students understand the theory and principles behind these practices. …

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  • Gitlab for Students

    2021-01-18 in 2021

    Gitlab for Bachelor Students Computer science students shall be proficient with a basic set of software development techniques. Technical excellence is a mandatory skill for all software developers.Agile development approaches are state of the …

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  • Meaningful Identifiers

    2021-01-12 in 2021

    Meaningful Identifiers Identifiers are a key concept to successfully model complex business domains. They permeate how our modern civilisation functions. Could you imagine a country without car registration number, internet addresses, postal …

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  • Embedded Value Objects

    2021-01-04 in 2021

    Value Objects as Embedded Entities This post discusses the value object pattern, and the factory pattern which are tactical patterns in the domain driven design DDD approach. Value objects represent typed values, that have no conceptual identity in …

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