Fun at Workplace

Fun at Workplace

2017 04 01 head

It is Spring in Switzerland. We often have time for small talk because it is cold or rainy outside. Quite a few of the discussions are about job opportunities and how interesting and motivating the current activities are. I selected two articles to help everybody to decide if your software development job is worth the effort.

Just go through the questions and ask yourself if the current product provides the current settings.

Joel Test

The Joel Test is slightly outdated. Keep his questions and just do the following changes

  • Can you replace CVS with Git to reflect the current state of the industry?
  • Move from daily builds to continuous build at checkin.
  • Remember "Daily Builds are for Wimps"
  • Do not only fix bugs but also write the associated automated unit and acceptance tests. Remember Defect Driven Development to guaranty your customer he will never again see the same issue
  • Check that your specification also has acceptance criteria which can be automated
  • For Microsoft developers, are you forced to use TFS instead of tools of your choice and why?
  • Are you testers and quality experts integrated in your Scrum team and sitting in the same room? Do you think about tester and quality as roles and not persons?
  • Do new candidates code and perform refactoring to achieve clean code during their interview?

8 Questions to identify a lame programming job. The questions are up to date. His final remark is worth remembering

No matter how great the potential projects and teammates might be, I don’t think you can do truly meaningful work in an environment where you, the developer, aren’t empowered to succeed.

If a company doesn’t get that, then they don’t get the software.

My personal list

My personal list is:

  • Is respect a key value of your organization and your team?
  • Are you creating a meaningful product and improve quality of life of mankind?
  • Are you working in an agile team, preferably a Scrum team?
  • Has your team as sustainable development rhythm?
  • Are you using good software practices daily such as TDD, ATDD, refactoring, check-in in Git master, CI/CD, deliver each day?
  • Can you contribute to the open source projects you are using during work time?
  • If you are developing in Java are you using IntelliJ IDEA as IDE?

Take the ten minutes to decide if your current job is good enough. If not, it is time to regain ownership of your life.