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  • Current Components

    2017-12-22 in 2017

    Why Use Current Software Components? Often teams discuss if their product should upgrade to the current version of used components, development tools and programming languages. I have a strong opinion about upgrades. You should always use the current …

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  • Clean Your Desk

    2017-12-06 in 2017

    Clean Your Desk and Define New Year Improvements It is Christmas time. Clean your desk and the content of your workstation. Upgrade your tools and your development environment to the actual version. It is time to add automated build pipelines, TDD, …

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  • Impediment List

    2017-09-23 in 2017

    Impediment List is of Tremendous Importance An impediment is any aspect hindering the team or a company to deliver value and higher quality to the customers. An agile organization continuously removes impediments, it is one of her major activities. …

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  • Scrum Management Job

    2017-09-02 in 2017

    Your Management Job in an Agile Environment IntroductionYou develop your software products using agile approaches. You are doing Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Lean Software Development, or LeSS. Your collaborators start asking questions about …

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  • Agile Contracts

    2017-09-02 in 2017

    Agile Approaches and Fix Price Contracts The difficulty with contracts is that it is about trust. Here lays the roots for success or disaster. If no trust exists the henceforth dread process is established. After tough negotiations the development …

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  • Scrum Masters are not Administrators

    2017-08-06 in 2017

    Scrum Masters are not Administrators Lately I was asked if I was interested to work as Scrum master. The below job description was handed me over. What an experience it was. The text with the regular font is the job description. I wrote down my …

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  • What does a Scrum Master?

    2017-07-03 in 2017

    What does a Scrum Master? What does a Scrum master the whole day? Are you just a fancy administrator or are you actively removing impediments? Do you coach your teams toward mastery? Too often Scrum masters become Scrum administrators. They schedule …

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  • Agile Failures

    2017-06-08 in 2017

    So Called Agile and Scrum Failures Agile will never guarantee product success. All projects, especially application development, entail risk. If a product was risk free it is unlikely to provide significant benefits or competitive advantages. There …

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  • Git Local Repositories

    2017-05-17 in 2017

    Git Local Repositories for the Impatient Start using GitYou shall put your source code under a version management system. The actual industrial standard is git, a distributed version control system - DVCS -. Install git on your development machine. …

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  • tangly Agile Coaches

    2017-05-01 in 2017

    What is Our Specialty as Agile Coaches at tangly? You have currently more agile coaches on the market than sand corns on a regular beach. They all promise the holly grail of agile product development, highly productive teams and perfect applications …

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