Posts in 2016

  • No Need in Scrum

    2016-12-02 in 2016

    What you do NOT need to do in Scrum! I often hear discussions asking who is performing the traditional product leader tasks in Scrum. This is in general an excuse to state that Scrum alone cannot work and classical product leaders are still needed. …

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  • Found An Agile Company

    2016-11-15 in 2016

    Found a Limited Liability Company in Switzerland I left the company I founded 20 years ago and needed a new home to work and have access to social insurances. I had to found a limited liability company with a capital of CHF 20'000. Here the steps …

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  • Agile Company

    2016-11-13 in 2016

    What is an Agile Company? Lately people often ask me what is an agile company. They have an understanding of agile software development techniques such as Scrum, Lean, Kanban, eXtreme Programming but no clue how a company could be agile. One way to …

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  • Git Branches

    2016-07-21 in 2016

    Git Branches for the Impatient You are working in a small collocated development team and decided to use branches to implement new features or fix errors. Here the cookbook to create, edit, merge and delete local and remote branches in Git (version …

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  • Scrum Guide 2011

    2016-06-22 in 2016

    The Version of the Scrum Guide 2011 The new version of the Scrum Guide written by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland is available since July 2011. The older version was published in May 2009. I found quite interesting the precisions about the Scrum …

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  • Full-time Scrum Master

    2016-05-19 in 2016

    Scrum Master is a full-time Role I am very happy we discuss in depth the role, responsibilities and activities of a good Scrum Master. I fully agree with Scrum advocates that Scrum Master is a dedicated full-time job. I am also convinced a Scrum …

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  • Agile Books

    2016-04-21 in 2016

    Books for Persons interested in Agile Approaches Often I am told that it is difficult to use Agile/Scrum approaches for brown field projects or for big projects or for distributed projects or for in other situations. Interestingly these persons also …

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    2016-03-18 in 2016

    PMI-ACP Certification I learnt quite a few new acronyms and techniques when studying for the PMI-ACP certification program. In this post I collected these acronyms, some definition and the bibliography you should know before attending the …

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  • MacBook Pro Love

    2016-03-16 in 2016

    Why I use a MacBookPro and OS X As a young developer I loved Linux, compiled new kernels during evening sessions and struggled days to have the correct drivers for the graphic card and communication components of my notebook. I grew older and decided …

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  • Swiss Agile Trends 2013

    2016-03-12 in 2016

    Agile Trends Switzerland 2013 What are the main hurdles to introduce agile approaches in Swiss companies Introducing agile company-wide is a cultural change process. Such a change takes time and sometimes hurts,Without commitment of senior …

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