Posts in 2021

  • Gitlab for Students

    2021-01-18 in 2021

    Gitlab for Bachelor Students Computer science students shall be proficient with a basic set of software development techniques. Technical excellence is a mandatory skill for all software developers.Agile development approaches are state of the …

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  • Meaningful Identifiers

    2021-01-12 in 2021

    Meaningful Identifiers Identifiers are a key concept to successfully model complex business domains. They permeate how our modern civilisation functions. Could you imagine a country without car registration number, internet addresses, postal …

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  • Embedded Value Objects

    2021-01-04 in 2021

    Value Objects as Embedded Entities This post discusses the value object pattern, and the factory pattern which are tactical patterns in the domain driven design DDD approach. Value objects represent typed values, that have no conceptual identity in …

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Posts in 2020

  • Support Comments for Static Website

    2020-12-11 in 2020

    Support Comments for Static Hugo Website There are times in software when you are facing a problem, you find an off-the-shelf solution, and a few lines of code later it just works. Today I lived one of those moments. The whole configuration of …

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  • Zero Bug Policy

    2020-12-01 in 2020

    Advocate Zero Bug Policy in Your Projects! At many customer sites I visit, I see a lot of effort being put into classifying and managing bugs. Their bug list may contain more than a thousand items. All are neatly documented with screenshots, ways to …

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  • Five Years tangly

    2020-11-06 in 2020

    The Quest for an Agile Company: Five Years tangly llc Agile MotivationAn agile company is a business with the ability to quickly adapt to market changes [1]. Agile organizations must be fast-moving and flexible, have rapid response to unexpected …

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  • Reference Codes

    2020-11-02 in 2020

    Reference Codes Reference codes are an old concept. They are often used in relational database schema definition as enumeration values. The database specialists often call them lookup tables. Reference codes are dynamic enumeration values. By …

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  • Hugo Asciidoc Website

    2020-10-02 in 2020

    Creating a technical Website with Hugo and Asciidoc I hosted my technical blogs on blogger for years. If I correctly remember I started to use blogger ten years ago. It is a great tool with some drawbacks. Over the years the drawbacks sting more and …

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  • The power of Tags and Comments

    2020-09-08 in 2020

    The power of Tags and Comments A software architect models customer domains and maps them to excellent software constructs. The solution shall support future customer groups and expand to store additional information. Tags, also called labels provide …

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  • Entities, Identifiers, Names

    2020-08-24 in 2020

    Entities, Identifiers, External identifiers and Names A software architect models customer domains and maps them to powerful software abstractions. Soon you correlate internal efficient identifiers, meaningful external identifiers and domain …

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